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I was arguably late to coffee in the grand scheme of things, and didn't really take an interest until after uni - so got none of the caffeine benefit during exams - but since developing a taste for the black stuff, have become more into it, especially in the last year or so.

From lattes in Costa, to flat whites in Third Wave coffee shops, to hand poured filter coffee using a V60 and a swan neck kettle in a couple of years.

V60 from Cafe Pascal - Stockholm

As someone who enjoys nothing more than exploring new cities, finding excellent independent coffee shops in new countries has been an exciting development of this, and I'm now picking European trips based (in part) on the opportunities to indulge.

I'm also lucky enough to have a number of independent shops in the town I call home, run by people passionate about the specialty coffee industry and everything that goes with it. That means I also get a chance to try a lot of different beans, roasted by various different Roasters, with a particular bent on the South West.

V60 from Coffee Dispensary
Being someone who calls the South West home, also means I am mere miles away from some amazing Roasters - Colonna, Roundhill, Clifton, Rave, Extract to name but a few. And with a shift in tastes towards lighter, brighter coffees, I'm spoilt for choice more often than not!

Colonna & Small's - Bath
What about you? Do you find solace in a cup of joe? Where from?

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